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A transcript of an informal chat with Curt Schilling i”s up on Sons of Sam Horn”:

CurtSchilling38: and then had an email from someone telling me about the SoSH board
CurtSchilling38: so I dropped by and read up, and it was pretty cool
CurtSchilling38: knowing that an entire “nation” of people was rooting for us to make that decision to come to Boston, and
CurtSchilling38: as i said the other day, I am human, its pretty cool to see people wanting you to be a part of “their” team so badly
CurtSchilling38: so I read around, and saw the chat, figured what the hell and started chatting
CurtSchilling38: after a bit, when I convinced some of them that it was me, it was pretty fun

Lots more good stuff. He’s looking forward to working with Varitek, too.


  1. fernando pimentel fernando pimentel

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Curt for what you said about Greg Dickerson it is about time somebody finally stepped up and put those assholes on Fox Sports Net in check I fucking hate those guys every single night I have to listen to them talk shit about Boston sports stars it is out of control and your right fucking momos like “Greg and Gary” are the perfect example of whats wrong with the Boston media they seldom have positive things to say and for the most part full of negativety. I am a huge RedSox fan that is absolutey fed up with the media in this town we got dickheads like Steve Buckley who was complaining that Nomar doesn’t talk to him who actually gives a fuck I’m glad he doesn’t talk to him and then last night Greg dickerson was crying like alittle bitch ass preppy that he is because you hurt his feelings ooooh I’m weepy, then we got some stiff from WISCOSIN named Micheal Felger who thinks he knows about sports in this town why doesn’t he go back to doing news updates for the MILAWAKEE BREWERS GET HIS ASS THE FUCK OUT HERE I KNOW I A LITTLE BIT OVER THE TOP BUT THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS WITH THESE ASSHOLE MEDIA CORRESPONDANTS I JUST GLAD THAT YOUR PUTTING A STOP TO THIS BECAUSE THERE IS A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN AND HIS NAME IS CURT SCHILLING! THATS AGAIN FOR THE REALNESS AND KEEP IT GOING!

  2. John John

    Curt Shilling goes from Hero to Goat in one short day. I guess he thinks he’s a real macho man endorsing the Idiot George Bush. Hey Curt try reading a newspaper or watching the news. Lost jobs, stupid war, needless killing, inability to accept responsibility, no stem cell research, assault weapons back on our streets and we don’t even protect our soldiers by guarding explosives. Yesterday I thought you were cool today you’re a jerk!

  3. John, if your definition of cool and jerk relies on whether or not a man votes Republican or Democrat, you’ve got some growing up to do. I don’t agree with Schilling’s politics, but I respect his right to make a different choice than I’ve made.

  4. kelly kelly

    hi you rock curt

  5. Markus Markus

    Anyone who thinks Schilling is a good guy doesn’t know Schilling. I do, and I can tell you that he is a nasty, self-centered, self-rightesous a$$#ole who really wants people to think he’s a good guy. He does all the ALS stuff and PR stuff because it looks good. He complains a bout it in private and has a really surly disposition in real life when the cameras are off him. He really thinks he is some sort of chosen one–not just a better pitcher, but just plain better than the rest of us.

    And yes, he and Shonda both plan to enter politics. I’m not sure which is worse,her being so stupid or him being so evil, but with their connections we can expect the Republican party to welcome them both into the ring. Heaven help us!

  6. Seth Seth

    Dammit leave Curt alone he worked so hard to do what he has done for the Red Sox in the world series I am sure he is nice and a good guy to talk with. I loved it the first day he pitched for the Sox he was great. I like and see a hard core baseball player in him that makes him want to keep going and going hard and strong for the team. It would be nice if Curt responded to me on this topic, because I think he is great!

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