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Protective order

OK, now I know what that protective order was. Here’s the PDF. It’s just the procedure the parties need to use if they want to protect portions of their evidence from public view. Sony, for example, may not wish their script for Underworld 2 to be available just yet. Now they can introduce it into evidence without pesky people like me getting their hands on it.

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  1. TexLex TexLex

    Thanks for keeping up with this. It makes it easier to track than having to resort to PACER. Assuming that Wiseman’s declaration is 100% true (along with Grevioux), Sony wins all copyright claims. Even if the story, characters, and setting of Underworld were identical (truly and unambiguously identical), as long as it it is conceived independently, there is no copyright infringement. That requires ACTUAL copying.

    As for trademarks, see also the case of Victoria’s Secret. Likely Sony wins there, too.

    All the best.

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