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Sons of Shut Doors

The Sons of Sam Horn board is still struggling with the price of celebrity.

The Hartford Courant ombudsman, Karen Hunter, more or less apologized for that Jeff Jacobs column. She also said — I think accurately — that journalistic ethics don’t go away just because you’re in an anonymous chat room. It’s a good, balanced column that shows a decent understanding of the issues involved. That one goes in the positives column for the SoSH crowd.

On the negative side, the Sons have drawn the curtains over their boards. If you’re not a member, you can’t read the forums anymore. It’s undoubtedly partially due to the cost of serving all that traffic, but it’s pretty clearly also because SoSH posts are liable to be quoted nationally, even on the AP wire. You can say what you want about the necessity of such a move, but it certainly means that the SoSH can’t be an unfiltered medium for Red Sox players to communicate with fans anymore.

Which is intriguing, since that’s what Curt Schilling said he liked about the place when he called into WEEI yesterday.

Edit: SoSH is open again; looks like it’ll be open days but not nights in an effort to conserve bandwidth. That strikes me as very reasonable.

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  1. dave dave

    Does anyone know why the owners of the red sox were in North Carolina lately? Last I knew there was no major league team in that state, hmmmmm.

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