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Motion like molasses

There’s a smidgen of movement in the White Wolf vs. Sony case. On 12/26/03, someone filed a proposed revised expedited discovery consent order. On 1/6/04, White Wolf moved for leave to file an amended and supplemented complaint.

There are two major changes requested:

  • Addition of claims for infringement of Under A Blood Red Moon and Time of Thin Blood.
  • Clarification that the claims relate not only to the movie but to the entire Underworld IP.

And then there’s a lot of explanation as to why the changes should be permitted, which I am not competent to judge. I’ll get the PDF up as soon as I can.

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  1. John John

    Dear whoever this is,

    Nice blog.

    where do I find more information about the Underworld suit? Are you getting this off a site?

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