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Environmental problems

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that there’s some sort of white supremacist conspiracy that means to stealthily advance its views into the mainstream. We should believe it. They’re targeting the Sierra Club right now.

“Latin Americans have shown a positive disregard for environmentalism as evidenced by their tendency toward littering and driving smog-belching old junkers.” (Steve Sailer, "Green Gag.")

The leaders of several anti-immigration organizations funded by Richard Mellon Scaife have put together a slate of six candidates for the Sierra Club Board of Directors. The Sierra Club is a target because, as a liberal group, it provides a path for expressing racist views in a manner that doesn’t set off alarm bells. From John Tanton, one of the people behind this effort, in a 1986 memo:

[T]he issues we’re touching on here must be broached by liberals. . . . The conservatives simply cannot do it without tainting the whole subject.

They intend to use the Sierra Club as a method of injecting extremist views into the mainstream. The claim that immigration is an ecological issue is somewhat convincing at first glance, but consider the mission of the Sierra Club. They are global in focus, albeit based in the US; they recognize that ecology doesn’t care about national borders. Limiting immigration, and thus limiting US population does not have any effect on the rest of the world — it just shifts the problem around.

And, if there’s any doubt about the character of the people behind this takeover, read this. But not if you mind seeing swastikas.

(Via Orcinus.)


  1. Wow, I needed to scrub my brain after reading that last one.

  2. Yeah, it’s amazingly vile. The American underbelly is getting really really sick.

  3. I’m gonna name my band “Homo Jew”.
    Then I’ll try and play at these guy’s kid’s briss.
    Rock over London, Rock on Chicago.

  4. anonymous anonymous

    I’m gonna name my band “Homo Jew”.
    Then I’ll try and play at these guy’s kid’s briss.
    Rock over London, Rock on Chicago.

  5. t.rev t.rev

    To be slightly contrary here, that last link smells like disinformation of some kind, if most likely incredibly lame and inept disinformation. I mean, Libertarian Socialist News? I’ve seen examples of American Nazis trying to hitch their wagons to the environmentalist and anti-globalization movements (hat tip to Nihilistic Kid), but I have to wonder who they think they’re fooling.

    Filthy Nazis, tricks are for CLEVER people.

  6. ryan ryan

    The Sierra Club is mainstream?

  7. is actually a real group. Doesn’t make any sense, but there it is. “Libertarian” is a strong meme for these people, which is very regrettable but true. “Socialist” is a lame attempt to claim kinship with their ideological idols back in Germany.


  8. Reece Reece

    I hate my life and you guys are messed up

  9. Shaniqua Shaniqua

    Reece, be quiet. You do not hate your life.


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