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Old entries

There’s kind of a trend in the weblog world: people turn off comments on older entries to avoid comment spam. It’s probably the right thing to do. Still, I’d hate to miss comments like this:

I met Douglas Chandler at Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in 1952 and later, unfortunately, married his daughter. I’d be interested in further information about the man—who was a thoroughly unsymathetic character.

Not to mention the response:

To the person who posted a msg on August 23, 2003: I, too, met Douglas Chandler. In my case, it was while riding a train in Germany in the 1970’s. I got to listen to this 80-ish man talk about his (still) extreme right wing political views (ad nauseum), his experiences as the National Geographic’s “representative” in Europe prior to WWII, his experiences as a radio broadcaster in Germany during the war, his being captured, detained, tried as a war criminal (I think) and then imprisoned until being released (he said) by RFK during JFK’s presidency, etc. He was an unrepentant Nazi, to the end. Unfortunately, as a fellow in my 20’s, I was somewhat astonished by this “meeting with history”, and listened to him thoroughly, not fully appreciating the gravity of his crimes. Still, it was an interesting exposure to an obscure part of WWII history.

Small world.


  1. t. rev t. rev

    But do you ever hoist the comments I make two weeks after the fact? Noooooo!

  2. Nah, I just make noises about making you a co-author. You should get your own blog, actually. It’d be better than mine. I’d host it.

    Just sayin’.

  3. t. rev t. rev

    I can see it now:

    Population: Zero. Notes from monkeys. Stuff I’ve already forgotten about.

  4. Hell yeah! Ship it.

  5. Just wanted to slip a comment in before Bryant closes comments.

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