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Real thing or nothing

The Massachusetts Supreme Court just ruled that civil unions won’t satisfy the constitutional requirement to permit gay marriage. This guarantees that a Massachusetts constitutional amendment will wind up on the state ballot in 2006. Despite all the whining about judicial activism, this is the only way Massachusetts voters were going to get to vote on the issue — the Massachusetts legislature wasn’t going to go out of their way to put a constitutional amendment allowing gay marriage on the ballot. Seems to me that a) the judges acted correctly, fulfilling their obligation to rule on Constitutional questions and b) their actions have made it possible for the matter to be considered by the voters. Ironic.

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  1. Mandating same sex marriage through the courts will backfire with the DMA.
    What comes around goes around. Hopefully next time our self-appointed moral betters will remember that they are our employees, not our masters and will restrict themselves to …

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