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WISHes for games

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes:

WISH 84 asks:

What five games would you love to run/play if you had a willing group and a weekly time slot?

I’m going to leave out games I’m in or running now, of course (yay, Champions and Buffy), and also games I expect to be able to play in soon — I’m looking at you, Star Wars and Charnel Gods and espionage game! You can also assume that I wish I could go back and play in Carl’s games again. Those disposed of:

  • Over the Edge, preferably with the dark edgy gritty aspects in full swing.
  • Vampire, and stop laughing. I haven’t played enough of this to be burned out on it. I’m thinking straight up Vampire Revised here, without all the various escalation bits. Or maybe the new version, if it resonates with me.
  • Dark Inheritance, which I will never ever get to play, but a guy can dream. I find the D20 Modern system to be fairly elegant and I really like the Dark Inheritance mythos. Also, it’s the best example of modular setting design ever.
  • The Dying Earth, so that I might properly indulge my inner Oscar Wilde.
  • Trinity, the best SF game ever, not that I’m biased or anything. Yeah, I know the political history is a bit wonky but you can fix most of that if you aren’t hampered by the need to shoehorn Aberrant in there.

Nobilis is a very strong runner-up.


  1. t. rev t. rev

    I was going to say something about running a Dying Earth/Nobilis crossover, and then I realized that you’d end up with a pitch-perfect version of Moorcock’s Dancers at the End of Time setting.

  2. Speaking of which, would Elric function well under HeroQuest rules?

  3. t. rev t. rev

    Hrm, I dunno. I think it would probably do an extremely good job of handling the way Elric calls on and bargains with all the different gods and monsters in the series, now that I think about it. Stuff that most RPGs would fall flat on.

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