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Media similarities

The media that has convinced many people that John Kerry is a dull and boring campaigner is the exact same media that convinced a lot of people that Dean was a dangerous scary angry man. Kerry did not win Iowa by accident; he won Iowa by having a kick-ass machine on the ground and by campaigning his heart out and by attracting people on his own merits.

It wasn’t media. The media wrote him off as dead. The media storyline challenger for Dean was Clark.

Bush is raising lots of money? Eeek. Didn’t someone just prove that the money leader doesn’t always win elections? Oh, yeah, that was Kerry.

Me, I liked Dean better than Kerry, but right now? I wouldn’t put money on Bush against Carol Mosley Braun. The funniest thing in the world is watching the Democrats maneuver Bush into bragging about job growth, cause every time Bush says there are more jobs, another few unemployed people get pissed off. Kofi Annan is carefully setting Bush up: you think he doesn’t know that the Iraqi Shi’ites aren’t going to tolerate anything other than direct elections? The next step is a UN recommendation that we wait until December or so to hand over power.

The National Guard story tested really well, and now it’s going to go back to sleep until someone trundles it back out in August or so. Plame may yet be an issue. Some of Bush’s base is losing faith with every day Bush fails to call for a DOMA Constitutional amendment, while a quiet plurality of Americans are wondering why they should care if two guys want to get married. The Senate document theft thing isn’t going away just yet. And the White House press briefings are getting brutal.

It’s going to be a very rough 2004 for the President.

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