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Jack Dandy

Jack Dandy, Gentleman About Town!

Sadly, I don’t know very much about him. Yes, it’s true: he’s just a set of powers and a vague appearance looking for a background. Perhaps I should go all Ripper and make him the Prince of Wales in a disguise. No? Well…

Right; he’s the Honorable Austin Alexander, second son of the Right Honorable Lord Islington. He does wear a mask, because his elder brother — who he adores — thinks that he’ll bring shame on the family name, blah blah blah. His father is senile and could care less. He mostly cares about having superpowered larks, and feels the mask adds to his air of mystery.

His armor is a glowing force field in a thrilling shade of hunter green. His quantum bolts are, um, quantum bolts. I was very entranced by the thought of flying whilst wearing a tailcoat, but the more I examine it the less thrilled I feel.

I am having deep trouble working up backgrounds lately. My wuxia Charnel Gods character, who doesn’t even have a name yet, is in even worse shape.

Oh, yeah — he’s an Aberrant character.

Nature: Thrillseeker

Str 2 Per 3 App 4 (Dashing)
Athletics 1 Awareness 1 Intimidation 2
Investigation 1 Style 4
Dex 3 Int 2 Man 3
Interrogation 3
Streetwise 2
Subterfuge 3
Sta 2 Wits 4 (Creative) Chr 5 (Charming)
Mega-Wits 1 Mega-Chr 2
Natural Empath Commanding Presence
Arts 2 Command 3
Rapport 1 Etiquette 4

Armor 2 Flight 1 Quantum Bolt 2

Backing 2 Contacts 1 Influence 2
Resources 3

Willpower 4 Quantum 3 Initiative 7

Char Gen Notes
Dex +1 5
Resources +1 1
Quantum +1 7
Willpower +1 2

Nova Points
Mega-Wits 1 3
Mega-Chr 2 6
Armor 2 6
Flight 1 3
Quantum Bolt 2 6
Quantum +1 5
+6 Ability 1
+3 Attributes 1


  1. This one strikes me as a good secret identity for a Bertie Cecil-like character. Bertie Cecil is the putative hero of Ouida’s Under Two Flags (1867), the archetypal French Foreign Legion novel. (I’ve a decent write-up of the novel and its actual heroine, Cigarette, here). Bertie Cecil is a nobleman for whom life is just *ever* so tiresome; the effort of being Bertie is just so much work for Bertie. Bertie’s all affected languour and the assumption of casual, unearned superiority. A lot of upper class British men assumed this pose in the early and middle 19th century–it was the done behavior. Effort was out; languid ease was in, although implicit in the pose was the notion that you *could* show your true mettle if you wanted to.

    Assuming the guise of Jack Dandy seems like just the thing for a bored scion of nobility, something to bring back the thrill that daily rides around Hyde Park and nightly romancing of London’s beauties no longer deliver.

  2. Ahhh. Advice from the expert! Thank you; that’s exactly the sort of thing I was thinking.

  3. y’know, American ideas of what British characters should be like have a feel all their own…



  4. Yeah, but y’all owe us one for Garth Ennis’ Preacher

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