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Elected turmoil

President Roh of Korea was just impeached. He’d been tagged "the world’s first Internet president", mostly because his victory was driven by Internet activism.

Don Park has another take on the impeachment. He’s a smart guy and I trust his insights on the situation. KoreaTimes talks about what happens next.

Aside from the obvious “old school tears down the Internet generation” angle, I’m a bit concerned about the “tumult right next to North Korea” angle. Dunno how worried I should be, though. It’s not as if the opposition politicians hadn’t managed to handle the North Korean situation for quite some time before Roh came along. It’s mostly the uncertainty of not knowing who runs the country right now that bugs me.

There’s also something to be said about media coverage of South Korea versus media coverage of Spain, but I don’t know how to say it without sounding heartless. I think both the Madrid bombing and the impeachment are exceedingly important, and it bothers me that the Madrid bombing is front page news while the impeachment drifts to one side.

(How original! I’ve just discovered that media is tragedy-driven!)

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