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Monday Mashup #32: Hotel California

Another mashup from Kirt "Loki" Dankmyer today: “Hotel California”, by the Eagles. Read the lyrics, remember the times when they seemed like the deepest thing in the world, and… mash!

For me, it’s a Whispering Vault scenario. The anonymous woman is the Unbidden who must be destroyed by the Stalkers. Her madness is one of greed, but she is not the one who hungers. Rather, she traps her pretty boys in an endless cycle in which they take what she freely offers until they can consume no more of her. She is the pink champagne; she is the feast; she is most certainly the beast. Taste of her and you will be filled beyond your capacity. She can give more than you ever could take.

Part of the point, I suspect, is that the Unbidden has no idea of how relationships are meant to work. “Her” mind is twisted, as per the lyrics — skewed by the hunger that she saw when she first came to this world. Thus, the Mercedes-Benz reference.

The difficulty of breaking the pattern when the Stalkers are likewise out of touch with humanity is left as an exercise to the reader.


  1. Got it. That was a fun one to stretch with, man.

  2. This week, Bryant gives us the Eagles song Hotel California as his half of the mashup….

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