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Monday Mashup #33.3 RPM: Partridge Family

I will not be around this Monday, so there will be no Monday Mashup. This is tragic! To compensate, I will satisfy the legions of people (all two of you) who kvetched about not getting your Partridge Family. Fine! Here’s your precious pre-fabricated pop band.

I know nothing about the Partridge Family other than that they travelled around in a school bus and sang. Or lip-synched, one or the other. Anyhow, I’m sure there was music and travel involved and on that thin, tenuous reed must our mashups be built. Oh, wait — for the research-minded, there’s an episode guide. Hey, Ray Bolger played the grandfather, so there’s a Wizard of Oz connection.

I’ll use Big Eyes Small Mouth for this, since I want to do it as a mecha campaign. Partridgmecha. Even sounds like an obscure piece of anime, doesn’t it?

From there on in the joke pretty much writes itself. I mean, it’s a nice family having financial problems because their father recently died. The mother discovers that the kids have put together a big mecha in their spare time — but they need someone to run the head! When she finds out, they suggest that she stand in as the head pilot, and much to everyone’s surprise, she’s great at it. They take their mecha on the road to fight crime and earn rewards from a grateful populace.

You could pretty much run scenarios right out of the episode guide forever, too.


  1. chris chris

    My Life with Ruben?

    No, that’s not right.

    Wraith? They’re all dead, and trapped on this bus together?

    Nope. Not quite there yet.

    Ah. Got it. Rapture: The Second Coming. I don’t know much about the new-fangled d20 Modern version but I’ve got the old Quintessential Mercy Studios version around somewhere. The Partridges drive around trying to warn people (through song, of course) that the armies of the Anti-Christ are here and the end times are at hand. The have kewl Light Side powers they an manifest by singing about happiness and love and other hippy crap.. Maybe the kids are the last few born before the Guff emptied. The part where they try to escape from the massive people harvester machine that makes soylent green will be great. And poignant, when Danny Bonaducci sacrifices himself to save the others. sniff! We’ll miss you, Danny!

  2. Bryant’s Monday Mashup this time around is the Partridge Family. C’mon get happy!…

  3. cara fick cara fick


    i am not a fan. i dont even think about u normally but i did have a dream. i am an alcoholic and i dont think about u or do i think about the partridge family. i had a bad nite and woke up the next morning saying your name. i would like to know if you are working on anything lately?? i dont know why i woke up and said danny bonaducci but i did. i am not a stalker, i dont want anything to do with you in an inappropriate way. i just think god was telling me something and i would like for you to tell me what is going on in your life. i am an alcholic and have been for many years. i was sober for 4 years and went back out. for the last year i have been struggling very hard with myself and god. i woke up 2 weeks ago and said your name. i dont know why. please let me know if you are working on something or anything. this is really strange but i must know. i am not a stalker. i dont want you or your family. i have my own that i want to make right with. i woke up saying your name and a couple of days later i heard about u on some show making a fool out of yourself on tv. your wife said you were excited. please tell me something that wont make me feel totally crazy.

    thank you,

    cara fick

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