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Not all at once

Ever wanted a list of Shaw Brothers movies that got four or more stars from Kung Fu Cinema? Yeah, me too. So I made one.

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Anonymous Heros
The Bastard
Big Brother Cheng
The Blood Brothers
Boxer from Shantung
Buddha’s Palm
Clans of Intrigue
The Condemned
Come Drink With Me
Death Duel
The Delinquent
Disciples of the 36th Chamber
Duel of Fists
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
The Emperor and his Brothers
Have Sword, Will Travel
Heros of the East
Heros Two
The Heroic Ones
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan
Invincible Shaolin
Jade Tiger
Kid with the Golden Arm
Killer Clans
King Boxer
The Knight of Knights
Lion vs. Lion
The Lizard
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
The Magic Blade
The Master
Police Force
Return to the 36th Chamber
Secret Service of the Imperial Court
The Shadow Boxer
Shaolin Rescuers
Shaolin Temple
Soul of the Sword
Swordsman and Enchantress
The Teahouse
Temple of the Red Lotus
Ten Tigers of Kwangtung
Twelve Gold Medallions
Two Champions of Shaolin
The Water Margin
The Web of Death


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    What do the bullets signify?

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