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Experience that

Ah, the Disney experience:

Sonny the Maid

It’s wholesome! The photo is from the Adventurer’s Club, which is a 1930s pulp-themed bar on Pleasure Island. The gimmick is the actors playing parts, who do skits and shows and songs (see picture) throughout the evening. I spent a lot of time there last week.


  1. t. rev t. rev

    That place…OK, I just spent fifteen seconds typing ‘rocks’, then backspacing over it and typing ‘rules’, then backspacing and typing ‘rocks’ again…rocks AND rules.

    In The Future, all LARPS will be like this.

  2. It’s superb. It’s Disney attention to detail combined with nightlife. In The Future, we will fly from LARP to LARP in our flying cars.

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