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I’m reminded to spread some Googlejuice: jew should not return an anti-Semitic site as the top result, and I personally think Air America ought to return that new liberal talk radio station for those who are feeling lucky.

It occurs to me that Google now has humans hand-optimizing its index. These are the first benevolent Googlebombs I’ve ever seen, and they do potentially represent some sort of group consensus about what pages ought to be top results for certain search terms. Which, I suppose, is what Pagerank has always been. Interesting to see it intentionally manipulated for good ends, though.

(Bush is still on top for “miserable failure” and “unelectable,” by the by. Sadly, I can’t think of a good target for “I eat the flesh of the living, and I vote.”)


  1. You goof. 🙂

    Hey, I’m #4 already!

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