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Long knives

In Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey is running against Arlen Specter in the Republican Senatorial primary. Toomey is a hard-right conservative who currently serves in the House of Representatives. Specter is a center-conservative Senator who fails many hard-right litmus tests, most noticably by being one of the handful of prominent Republicans who supports abortion rights. Both Bush and Rick Santorum have endorsed Specter.

This is one of those wedge issues — Bush’s hard-right supporters can’t be pleased that he endorsed someone so centrist, particularly since he differs with the Republican Party on such a hot button issue. Run, Roy, run!


  1. Kirby Krueger Kirby Krueger

    Boy, what irony. Bush and Santorum endorsing the more _moderate_ candidate?

    Specter is one of the Republicans we can work with, so even worse, I’m on the same side as Bush, and Rick “Embarrassment to the Office” Santorum.

    Of course, the winner still has to beat the Democrat in the fall.

  2. I’m not surprised Bush did; I guess Santorum thinks he’ll have to work with Specter afterwards…

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