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On the record

I was irked that John Kerry wasn’t releasing his military records, but he fixed that. The difference between Bush’s definition of releasing and Kerry’s definition of releasing is pretty substantial. Kerry put his military records up as PDFs on his web site, and anyone can see them. Bush showed his records to reporters and gave some of them 20 minutes to review some medical exams.

In all fairness, I don’t see Kerry’s military medical records on his web site, and I think they should be there. I still believe there’s a difference between handing your records out to a small group of reporters and making them available online for anyone to see. Someone at the Kerry campaign gets the Internet.


  1. Why should his medical records be there?

  2. His military medical records should be there because we’ve demanded that Bush release his military medical records. The reason for that demand doesn’t apply to Kerry, but sauce for the goose is still sauce for the gander.

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