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Hey! I’m an Amazon product!

No, really — you can review the blog and everything. That’s really surreal. It’s just Alexa information stuffed into the usual Amazon template, but it’s still surreal. I wish it had the full Amazonian functionality; I want to see “5 people recommended reading a David Foster Wallace novel instead of wasting your time here.”

It’s easy to find the page for any random website. Go to A9 and search for the URL you want; then click on the Site Info button next to the appropriate search result. I’m fascinated by the reviews some sites get. “With some of the most communist reporters in the news business, CNN has again proved that communism doesn’t work by being beat by the FAIR and BALANCED Fox News. It’s about time America got its news from a real news group – not some biased network who is out of touch with real America (and no, REAL America is not on 5th Avenue!).”

Damned communist reporters.

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  1. Odd, looks like it gets the number of links to a site wrong. Wonder what that algorithm’s based on?

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