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Being a music lover, I was quite pleased to accidentally stumble into the useful world of MP3 blogs. It’s a blog, see, but instead of ranting about politics, these people are posting MP3s and talking about music. The MP3s usually don’t stay up for more than about a week, which is enough time to give them a listen but apparently not enough time to get on the RIAA’s radar. It’s like a very very slow radio station. “This week, we’re going to play the new Prince single.”

I stumbled onto the concept via The Tofu Hut, which has a superb blogroll organized by genre. Also, the man I know only as forksclovetofu is insane as hell. Others that I’m currently loving: Copy, Right?, Fluxblog, said the gramophone, Moistworks, and music for robots. Then follow links. I might start buying a lot of music again if this keeps up.

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