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Sorkin alert

From AICN:

Aaron Sorkin, giant-brained creator of “Sports Night” and “The West Wing,” has now gotten the greenlight from New Line to produce his spec screenplay for “The Farnsworth Invention,” which depicts a 22-year-old genius from Utah who invented television in the 1920s, according to Friday morning’s Variety. This project has long been a part of Sorkin’s agenda, so one assumes Sorkin will still return to TV at some point to oversee his long-gestating proposed series — a backstage show-within-a-show kind of thing depicting the the creators of a fictional late-night comedy show that bears more than a passing resemblance to “Saturday Night Live.”

Josh: “You’re telling me you invented television.”

Toby: “Yes.”

Josh: “Moving pictures, except in your house?”

Toby: “Yes.”

Josh: “Well, there’s no market for that. Donna, do you know where the market for that is?”

Toby: “Look, it’s a perfectly reasonable —”

Donna: “I think it’s in Poughkeepsie.”

Toby: “It’s not in Poughkeepsie.”

Josh: “Then it’s not likely to be in anywhere else, either.”

Probably it won’t be much like that, though.

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