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Not quite Bobo

The Great Garamond

Any MMORPG in which I can create a big bruiser wearing a green suit and a sleek black shirt, with a wrestling mask to match? That’s an MMORPG which is perfectly OK by me. I had a refreshing evening of beating up thugs and muggers, during which I looked a lot like this (click the thumbnail for the big picture):

Now, that’s what I call entertainment.


  1. Kirby Kirby

    Cool! What server are you playing on?

    I’ve played around a little on Victory, mostly in chargen. It’s fun!

    I won’t really be off the ground until late May, when I’m going to buy the new computer. Sometimes, when I change zones, my current PC spends so much time swapping, that I lose connection. (And when I did exit, I noticed it had over 100M of memory tied up in the process, which really isn’t cool on my 256M machine.)

    Fortunately, with the sidekick rules, you don’t have to spend nearly the effort keeping people nearby in levels to still play together.

  2. Chargen is amazingly cool. I mean, wow.

    I’m on Justice, just level 3 so far. I may or may not hook up with the company superteam, depending on if I can find ’em. 🙂

  3. Bah. And here I was doing so good at keeping my “no buying new games during finals week” resolution.

    I’m such a sucker for amazingly cool chargen.

  4. I am The Great Garamond and Lady Frutiger. Right now, The Great Garamond is logged out on top of the 15 story tall statue in the middle of town. I love flight as a power.

  5. Whoa. Amazingly cool doesn’t even begin to describe it. With 8 slots available, it may be June before I actually play the game. The cover art looks so 4-color, I was really surprised at how well done the more detailed costume options were.

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