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Frammistan housings

In April, people grabbed the index.xml file at the root of this site 499 times, presumably hoping for an RSS 2.0 feed. Mostly it was two aggregators politely retrieving the file once per hour. Sadly, that file hasn’t gotten any new content for three months, since I decided to only maintain an RSS 1.0 feed and an Atom feed. I was going to hand-craft a new item for that feed explaining that I had given up on it, but then I noticed that it was already in RSS 1.0 for some reason, so I just linked it to the RSS 1.0 feed and had done with it. This entry may or may not reach the eyes of the people behind those two aggregators, but if they’re paying attention they’ll see it. (Hi, guys! I’d switch to, but you don’t have to if you don’t wanna.)

Also: my RSS 1.0 feed, which is the easiest feed to find due to autodiscovery, got 5799 hits last month. The main page got 7315 hits. The Atom feed got 250 hits. I neglected to add autodiscovery for the Atom feed until this moment; we’ll see if it gets more hits this month.

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