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Timothy Appnel says, “The delineation between TypePad and MT have become clear with this release — TypePad is for general users wanting to blog and Movable Type is for developers and professional organizations wanting to do more then just weblogging.”

This may be true from Six Apart’s point of view. However, it is not clearly true from the point of view of Movable Type users. I am not a developer or a professional organization; I am a general user who wants to blog. I also want to use Textile and subcategories and threaded comments and so on. Six Apart has provided me with a simple way to add plugins to my blog; they have put that capacity in the hands of semi-technical general users. They have created a user base which will not be satisfied with TypePad as a general blogging solution.

I don’t know if Timothy’s assumptions about delineations match what Six Apart thinks, but if so, it’s going to be important for Six Apart to take a look at the user base and make sure their categories match the real categories.

Disclaimer: I think Six Apart is a good company and I really like their product.

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  1. Timothy Appnel takes a measured and favourable look at the mew MT licensing terms. It could still be argued that Six Apart have gone from one extreme to another (from 50c to $lots revenue per copy of MT downloaded), but he also makes a number of intere…

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