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Monday Mashup #39: Games Without Frontiers

Our mashup for yesterday (cough) is another Ginger suggestion: “Games Without Frontiers,” by Peter Gabriel. It’s evocative as all hell — I can’t wait to see what people do with it. Me, I’m going to reverse it. Those fond of children may wish to avert their eyes.

Afterwards, they called it the War Without Tears: not because it was bloodless, but because it was conducted by those without the capacity to understand what they did. It was unfortunate that the first humans to master psychic techniques were children. In retrospect, it was also inevitable. We now know that only children had minds flexible enough to understand the clues provided by the alien S’slen.

Their looks could kill, and they did.

The PCs are members of the now legendary Goon Squad, fighting in the jungles of South America. It’s a revelatory campaign, in which the Squad battles through the dark nights of the War and uncovers the truth behind the S’slen and their intentions. The main enemy is the S’slen, not the children; the main danger is the children, not the S’slen.

System? Um, I dunno. I’d actually be tempted to use GURPS or Hero.


  1. Daniel Daniel

    Cool… grimly, there’s plenty of setting material to be mined from a number of wars going on in the real world right now…

    I thought I’d try my hand at this, but I’m a bit limited by not knowing nearly as many systems as some of your players seem to:

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