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  1. irfan zia irfan zia

    do you have any invites left ? irfanzia AT


  2. Truthfully, I kind of like my gmail account name, and I think their argument in favor of using lengthy names has some merit, particularly with the decreasing reason to be typing in someone’s email address by hand (actually, it wasn’t there in what you and I would consider the old days, either; I mean, personal mail aliases are a pretty weathered concept by now.) I admit it took some doing to get me to come around to it, but I’m considering ditching most if not all short “mailbox names” in the near future.


  3. With very much thanks to Bryant over at Population One, I, too, am now a beta tester for Google Mail. Those of you who are observant and know me well can deduce without my saying just what my new Gmail…

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