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Not like us

Reuters happily informs us of the following facts:

John Kerry’s wife inherited $500 million. John Kerry’s Nantucket house is worth $9 million. John Kerry’s boat is worth $150,000. John Kerry’s sporting equipment cost $2,500.

And George Bush has a huge ranch, but for some reason it’s not important how much that cost. Also, he fishes. No news on whether he pays $500 for a fishing rod or not, or how many rods he owns. I dunno — maybe he builds ‘em by hand, and maybe he carved the ranch out of the wilderness with his own two hands.

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  1. For those who believe mainstream journalists are waging an active campaign against the White House, well, this anecdote might not convince you otherwise. But it’s interesting. Perhaps it’s just a passive-aggressive campaign? (via Andy Baio) Update: Ano…

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