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And she said

Game quotes are a key part of the Ambercon experience. Thusly, my jotted notes from the weekend. They’re all funny from my perspective, and probably from the perspective of those who were in the games. Maybe not so much for others. Also my note-taking is terrible and unreliable.

Le Cygne: The Lost Swan of Amber

“Is it safe to drink this water?” — Valence
“Water, would you mind being drunk?” — Nerissa, in some incomprehensible water language
“Nope!” — the water
“Yes, it’s all right to drink this water.” — Nerissa
“That’s not exactly what he asked…” — various

“We undress the captain’s daughter.” — Glen

“We’re going to let them kill him [Valence] while we rescue the girl.” — Liz
“That sounds workable.” — Glen, player of Valence

“Do you have any reason why you would not fall on your butt?” — GM Michael Croft
“Nope.” — Michael Curry

“Don’t we have some leeches on the ship?” — Jen
“Yes!” — GM Michael Croft
“OK, I use the leeches on him [Peet].” — Jen
To Peet: “You’re dead.” — GM Michael Croft

If You Can’t Take the Heat

(See also here.)

“That’s our country, there, next to the lighthouse.” — Lex

nine losers in akron

“What happens in this game, stays in this game.” — various. often. for good cause.
“Except quotes.” — also various. perhaps unwisely.

“He’s lying in the middle of the street. What are you doing?” — GM Michael Curry
“Laughing.” — Jeff, playing Brand, sitting the driver’s seat of his car
“You’re lucky; I was expecting worse than that.” — GM Michael Curry, to the lucky sap who didn’t get run over by Brand

“Bottom half, top half, it’s allll good.” — Gerard

“Yes, you can top Dworkin if you want to.” — GM Michael Curry

“It’s not going to sit there while you poke it in the eye.” — GM Michael Curry

“I want a puppy.” — Gerard
“Give him the pissy one.” — Eric
“I want a good puppy!” — Gerard

“Are you trying to get off?” — GM Michael Curry
“Yes.” — Lou

My Life With Corwin

“At least you don’t have any bodily fluids leaking out of you.” — either Liz or Julia, can’t remember

“…” — Michael Curry, often


  1. ben ben

    i dont think so. how about a review of F 9/11?

  2. Those were hilarious 🙂 Was that all from one session?

    Here are some of our better ones (through the years):

    GM: “You are entering the mountainous lowlands.”
    All: “Eh?”

    (In one early campaign, the duke had a rather … loose … daughter.)
    GM: “You hear rustling nearby in the bushes…”
    Player1: “Is it an intelligent rustling?”
    Player2: “Is it the duke’s daughter?”

    GM: “There’s a lever on the North wall.”
    Tork: “Tork pull lever.”
    GM: “The lever appears to be connected to …”
    Tork (interrupting): “TORK PULL!”
    GM: Sigh. Tork is pinned to the wall by the spike trap.
    Tork: “Cleric, help Tork!”

    NPC: “That is our city, next to the river.”
    Smartass Player: “What’s the river’s name?”
    Smartass GM: “We call it ‘The River’.”

    (When offered a pen to replace his constantly breaking pencil)
    Mark: “No thanks, I like the feeling of wood in my hand.”
    (This effectively terminated the session for about three minutes.)

    (In a Gamma World campaign where we were inexplicably all playing a hillbilly family)
    Junior: “Uncle Pa … I don’t think they LIKES us!”
    Pa: “Just keep reloading, Junior.”


  3. Nah — each heading is a separate session.

  4. Looking back, I don’t think I linked Bryant’s quotes, where you will find the quotes for Le Cygne. Sadly, I…

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