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Top ten

“He was known throughout the world for his engineering accomplishments, also.”

“He was probably one of the greatest living experts on geology and archaeology.”

“He was a wizard with electricity.”

“Ham looked what he was – a quick thinker and possibly the most astute lawyer Harvard ever turned out.”

Excellence is a core aspect of any good pulp game. In order to establish this for Huey Long’s Men of Action, I’m going to steal a trick from San Angelo: City of Heroes and write down some top ten lists. Top ten doctors, top ten boxers, top ten research scientists, top ten aviators, top ten criminal masterminds, top ten archeologists, top ten diplomats… what else? Suggestions for more lists are welcome.

I’m thinking it’d make sense to share these with players as a means towards creating a shared conception of the world. Some entries will be “Unknown.” Some of those will be known to me, but not to players. Not too many, though.


  1. carneggy carneggy

    Top ten wealthiest. (Perhaps ‘top ten industrialists’ instead/in addition, to focus on people who control a lot of monopoly-style businesses as opposed to simply being rich.)
    Top ten adventurers (in the pulp sense: daredevil/explorer/hunter/etc)
    Top ten assassins/hitmen.
    Top ten mobsters.

  2. Top ten film stars
    Top ten novelists
    Top ten recording artists
    Top ten movies

  3. Jeff Dougan Jeff Dougan

    I don’t see politicians on here – either at the federal level, or at the appropriate state/local levels. (In a pulp game, there might not be much distinction between the politicians and the criminals, but that’s for the GM to decide.)

    Lawmen, too.

    And don’t forget the writers.

  4. CJ CJ

    Fuck you Alfred Nobel PWNS!

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