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Monday Mashup: Um, Yeah…

So yeah, missed this week’s mashup too.

I was going to try and hit 52 and call it a series and take a break. I am, however, not going to get that done, at least not with weekly posts. I am burned out on doing clever things to original texts. I can come up with ideas for a mashup subject all day long, but I cannot so much come up with good things to do to the subjects. It makes my brain hurt.

Thus, my current plan is as follows: I will continue to do sporadic mashups on Mondays until I hit #52. Then I will take a nice long break till I feel like doing ‘em again.

Thanks for your patience. I apologize if anyone is disappointed or dejected, although I suspect it’s no big deal and I feel a pretty complete lack of angst about it.


  1. Lack of angst is a good thing.

  2. t. rev t. rev

    Suggested mashup: _This is Spinal Tap_.

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