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Before the beginning

I’m being a completist, yeah.

Before One Missed Call, we saw trailers for Gozu, which was completely weird and stylized; Haute Tension, except it was under the nom de plume Switchblade Romance and dubbed into English (ick); a samurai movie which I badly want to see, but which I did not catch the name of, so all I know is that there’s a young woman who apparently trains to be a samurai when her… brother? is killed; Memories of Murder, a Korean movie that looks like it’s about a bunch of friends who share a terrible secret; and Dead and Breakfast, a zombie comedy. Looks like David Carradine is in Dead and Breakfast.

Before Deadly Outlaw Rekka, there were trailers for Suspect Zero, the Ben Kingsley serial killer movie which I am so much seeing when it opens in Boston although I have to miss it here; and Eternal, a bad Elizabeth Bathory movie. Are there good Elizabeth Bathory movies? Also a trailer for some Korean movie about a jailbreak, which was incomprehensible.


  1. Scot Scot

    I truly wish that a well-made movie would come out about her. It is a fascinating piece of history that’s relatively unknown.

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