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Strangling conversation

Hillside Strangler was pretty much blah. If you’re in the market for fictional Hillside Strangler stories with semi-pro acting and over-used looping camera work, you’re good; otherwise it’s worth missing. In short, Samantha Stone is a psychologist who uncovers the truth behind Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi’s killings by finding out what Kenneth is hiding. It’s ploddingly predictable.

Also, the subplot — Samantha breaking up with her drug dealer husband Jack — is pointless other than as an excuse for a lot of breasts. It doesn’t go anywhere and it doesn’t particularly reflect the main plot. Chris Fisher’s movies aren’t going to pass as an art film as long as there’s so much pointless exploitation riding shotgun.

Next movie: One Missed Call, by Takashi Miike. I am looking forward to this one a lot.

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    William SUFF is the Los Angeles Hillside Strangler, not Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono. I spent seven (7) years researching the case and there is no evidence that substantiates Buono or Bianchi were the killers, LAPD did a bad job, oh yes, I am a fortmer member of that police department. William SUFF is now on death row in California for the murders of 19 woman in an adjacent county of Riverside. After Buono and Bianchi were in LA County Jail, three more murders occured.

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