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I just wrote up a little fictional piece, but it sucked and while I know what I need to write, I don’t currently have the brainpower to write it. So here’s the straight dope.

Jerry Russell is a right-wing talk radio host at KTLK, in LA. He has a medium-sized and devoted following; he pushes the talking points of his ideological friends and runs down the opposition like any good talk show host on any side of the political spectrum. He rules the airwaves from midnight to 4 AM, and has always been a little nervous about trying to go daytime. In fact, he’s turned down opportunities more than once because he’s afraid he couldn’t compete with the big boys.

He is not a Michael Savage or an Ann Coulter. He has a bit of Art Bell in him, ranting about conspiracies from time to time. He does not tell people that the moon landing was a hoax, however.

A year ago, Jerry Russell and his entire production crew at KTLK were killed and turned into vampires by a small coterie with a yen for irony. He doesn’t know anything else but broadcasting, so — he’s still broadcasting. He has the station manager under his Discipline-enhanced thumb, and he has sleeping quarters for him and his crew in the station. Just as he was worried about venturing into the rough world of daytime talk, so he worries about going out into the night and meeting other vampires. Besides, he has to keep to his schedule.

I’m not entirely sure where the premise goes, but that’s the setup.


  1. t. rev t. rev

    He discovers an actual conspiracy (political skullduggery or actual blowing people up, depending on the tone you want) and has to warn people, which means a) getting people to actually believe him and b) not being outed as a vampire. Hilarity ensues.

  2. t. rev t. rev

    Bonus points if he tricks other vampires into taking down the conspiracy, or vice versa.

  3. Hm, that might work out really well. I will ponder. Thanks!

  4. t. rev t. rev

    Extra super bonus points if he accomplishes all of this exclusively through his radio program by means of exquisitely tense bisociated commentary and discussions with callers.

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