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What, never?

This line from a CNN story on the explosion in North Korea amused me: “The White House insists diplomacy is still the best strategy, although officials say the president never takes military action off the table.”

So I have this image of aides patiently explaining that Canada has been an ally for a long long time, and that it really doesn’t make sense to invade them just because they won’t send troops to Iraq, and Bush is looking all stalwart and determined. “I just don’t think we should take military action off the table. You never know.”


  1. t. rev t. rev

    If he takes Military Action off the table, it’ll just shed on the carpet.

    That’s not what I wanted to talk about, though. There’s a new Spider Jerusalem short-short on today.

  2. I saw that! It wasn’t bad. Pretty good description of the current political scene. Up to and including the point where Kerry wakes up right before the election and eats a baby.

  3. Kynn Bartlett Kynn Bartlett

    The sad thing is that your Canada scenario is probably quite close to the truth.

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