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“We’re not Oingo Boingo, but it’s a dead man’s party.”

This is a pain for some, because it’s Flash, but here’s what you do: go to the Dead and Breakfast official site. Click on the poster. Blah blah lengthy Flash intro which you can skip some of. Stick with it. Eventually it comes through with a menu. Select “Music”. Woo hah! Hit “comin to kill ya.” That’s what I call a country/rap splatterpunk groove, baby.


  1. t. rev t. rev

    Less Country per se than Southern Rock.

  2. S’true. The rest of the soundtrack — well, remember how in Dukes of Hazzard there’d be the folksy narrator and some guitar twang? There’s a lot of that in there.

  3. t. rev t. rev

    Go to ‘Cast and crew’ and click on people. Instead of writeups onsite, it sends you to the person’s imdb entry.

  4. Yeah! I thought that was both cool and smart.

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