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Neck and neck

Although Ulysses has flaws, CopyWrite has a very similar interface and provides a slightly better editing pane (paragraph spacing) plus in-line formatting. It looks like I can coerce InDesign into handling formatting codes for me, which means named styles are less important. And CopyWrite is about a quarter the price of Ulysses.

I’m doing my latest game (The Kiss of God) in CopyWrite; after I’m done I’ll post about the experience.


  1. So, tell us what its going to be about.

  2. It’s Mac only.

    You taunt me deliberately. Bastard.

  3. CW User CW User

    CopyWrite is an AWESOME program. My wife bought it for me for Christmas in 2003 and I’ve been using it since then. They just released 2.2 yesterday and it’s great to see it growing so well. If you’re a Mac user, give it a try!

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