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  1. t. rev t. rev

    I like it except for the actual logo, which is way too 1961 for me.

  2. Damn. You think? The typeface is from the HP Lovecraft font collection, so it’s authentic period.

    Too red, maybe?

  3. t. rev t. rev

    It’s not the color, it’s that it looks like a subtitle font in a slide rule user’s manual from 1961. Very dry. Look at the fonts in this random google image for instance. Now that’s some pulpy font goodness.

  4. t. rev t. rev

    I’m referring strictly to the font used for ‘Huey Long’s Men of Action!’, the rest of it works well.

  5. t. rev t. rev

    Better. I would make ‘Men of Action!’ a bigger font than ‘Huey Long’s’, and not have the latter overlap the former–separate them or have ‘Men of Action!’ on top.

  6. t. rev t. rev

    I haven’t picked up a jar of rubber cement in ten years and I am still cursed with Obsessive Design Criticism. It’s inexplicable, it’s like parallel universes bleeding over.

  7. I know what you mean.

    I’ll doink around with minimizing Huey Long. Short shameful confession: I’ve been getting ready to do that for two weeks now, and each time I say “But Huey wouldn’t like it…”

  8. t. rev t. rev

    How about something like



    Which would look a lot better if I could use any formatting here. Centered, stacked, ‘POP’ downward on ‘HUEY LONG’S’ and upward on ‘MEN OF ACTION’.

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