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Not dean yet

I overheard the best conversation ever at my comic book store today. Two teenage girls were sitting around provoking the guy who runs the place, who was sitting around being amused. Teenager one picks up a copy of Transmetropolitan.

“Hey,” she says, “Is this guy a metrosexual?” She’s pointing at the cover, which is of course Spider Jerusalem.

“No,” says the comic book guy. “He’s completely not metrosexual.”

“Then why is he carrying a man bag?”

“He keeps his laptop in it. He’s a journalist!”

“Mmm,” says teenager two. “Then he should carry a laptop bag or a briefcase or something. That’s a man bag. He’s a metrosexual.”

“Yeah,” says teenager one. “And what’s with him not wearing a shirt?”

“He’s got tattoos,” says the guy. “He’s got a right to show ‘em off.”

“Yeah, well, he should take off the jacket, then. Instead of being some metrosexual Rico Suave.”

So there you have it. Spider Jerusalem, underground journalist and metrosexual Rico Suave.

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