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Election Night

They won’t let me turn on the webcam. Pout. But that’s OK; it’s still an intensely fun night over here at the Tatro-Kaplan household. If anything you can’t find out anywhere else happens, I’ll post about it in this post. For example, I can report a strong Kerry lean in his household.

NPR is reporting that the exit polls in South Carolina show 41% of the military vote going for Kerry. So far that’s the only surprise of the night. It makes me happy that Virginia hasn’t been called yet.

Also, the best gaming post of the night belongs to Jere.


Uh oh. Pagans are reporting that Bush has implemented his own program of magickal warfare. We are FUCKED.

By popular demand, the windows I have open:

Man, the people over at Daily Kos are freaking out in a really ugly way. Dorks.

Miami-Dade has not reported. Miami-Dade is the heavy Democratic county. Don’t freak.

Cool! There are new Shadowfist previews up!

“That’s not an ascot, that’s a scarf tied very effeminately around my neck.”

“I mixed the mandarin orange vodka with the cranberry juice.”
“We don’t have cranberry juice; we have Elmo’s Punch.”

OK, now I’m pissed off. Kos is sitting out there in California whinging about the fucking youth vote. That’s the kind of gutless pessimism that had Gore almost conceding in 2000. Pay attention: there are hard nosed Irish and Italian men from Boston out there tonight working their asses off to get Kerry elected, and there is no room for this crap. I mean, I’m not a Democrat, but I’m offended on behalf of everyone else sitting in this basement. Kos wants to be the progressive voice of the Internet? He needs to cut this shit out.

Christ. And he calls himself important. I hate fucking amateurs.

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