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Our VoIP/Asterisk tutorial is going much more quickly than the presenter expected. This is not unusual for first-time presenters. Asterisk is pretty interesting, but shows signs of being an open source project. Hm — OK, some sample configuration file stuff:

exten => s,73,Playback(thank-you-for-calling)
exten => s,74,GotoIfTime(6:01-18:00|mon-sun|*|*?s,76)
exten => s,75,Goto(s,78)
exten => s,76,Playback(have-a-great-day-goodbye)

In theory, the template is something like exten => <exten>,<priority>,<application>(<args>), but it’s been brutally extended into something that looks alarmingly like BASIC. See the line numbers masquerading as priorities? It looks like it was originally just a simple method of specifying extensions, but grew like kudzu. Soon there’ll be m4 macros for building these scripts which masquerade as configuration files.

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