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This is mostly for my mother’s sake. She asked! But, you know, if anyone else wants to take advantage of it that’s OK.

(And Derek, I’m gonna take you up on that invitation post-Xmas.)

Amazon US

Mmm, Douglas Fairbanks. May I just say that I am deeply impressed by Kino’s DVD selection?

Amazon UK

Lotta Britcom stuff here.

A Tale of Two Sisters
Big Train
Black Books
League of Gentlemen Season II
League of Gentlemen Season III


Wonderful Days


For no apparent reason, YesAsia doesn’t have the Infernal Affairs box set available for pre-order. Fie on them.

Infernal Affairs Trilogy Set


DDDHouse has better prices on the Shaw Brothers DVDs than anyone else. They also have a pretty clunky website; c’est la vie. I’ve had solid luck ordering from them in the past.

Boxer From Shantung
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter
Have Sword, Will Travel
The Heroic Ones
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
The Shadow Boxer
Shaolin Temple
Soul of the Sword
Swordsman and Enchantress
Two Champions of Shaolin
Web of Death

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