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And then there were four

In the where are they now department: Lance Mungia, director of the excellent Six-String Samurai, just wrapped up The Crow: Wicked Prayer. It’s got a surprisingly good cast for something that looks like it’ll go straight to video: Edward Furlong isn’t bad, Dennis Hopper is good (and will appear in anything, granted), Danny Trejo is good… and there’s David Boreanaz and Tara Reid for eye candy. And Macy Grey! Hm, and Tito Ortiz (no holds barred martial arts fighter) is in it. But at that point we’re well past “surprisingly good cast,” I think. Still, that’s a lot of fairly real people.

Did you know Kirsten Dunst was in the third Crow movie? Me either. Rental time!

Anyhow, Lance Mungia plus a half-decent cast means I’ll keep an eye out for this one.

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