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Not in my town

If you believe in curtailing the civil liberties of Muslim-Americans, you’re not alone. In some ways I’m encouraged by these numbers; only 22% of those polled approved of racial profiling. I would have guessed that percentage would be higher. On the other hand, 27% of those polled wanted all Muslim-Americans to register where they lived. Which is atrocious.

Now, I was kind of curious as to what “curtailing civil liberties” meant, so I dug up the original report. I got distracted from that question by worse news: only 27% of the respondents believe that Muslim values are similar to Christian values. 31% said that the media should not report criticisms. 37% don’t think people should be allowed to protest at all. Welcome to America.

I did finally get to the civil liberties question. The infringements in the poll involve the aforementioned registration, closely monitoring mosques by law enforcement agencies, racial profiling, and infiltrating Muslim organizations to keep watch on their activities. Plenty of support for all of those.

Hat tip to Malnurtured Snay.


  1. You know, I just don’t understand that. I can’t actually wrap my mind around being that narrow-minded and bigotted. But then, I’d imagine that there’s a not insignificant overlap in these groups and the folks who think that Catholics are the anti-christ and not at all Christian. It boggles my mind.

  2. t. rev t. rev

    Are Muslim values similar to Christian values? Depends on your definition of ‘similar’. If ‘Jesus Christ was the son of God’ is an important Christian value to you, the answer is pretty clearly ‘no’, and I don’t think that conclusion constitutes bigotry.

  3. I think that’s a tenet or a belief, not a value.

  4. t. rev t. rev

    What would you consider a value?

  5. “Abortion is murder.”
    “Killing people is wrong.”
    “Charity is a moral obligation.”
    “People who do not share my beliefs should be converted, by force if necessary.” (No two religions share that one.)
    “Premarital sex is a good idea.”

  6. t. rev t. rev

    At that level, Christian values aren’t similar to Christian values.

  7. At the level of “Jesus was the only son of God,” the question is meaningless, because no religion’s values would be similar.

  8. t. rev t. rev

    Most poll questions are meaningless.

    And different religions are, well, different religions. This isn’t bigotry, it’s tautology.

  9. Sixty years ago, it was a Democratic President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who presided over the forced internment of American citizens whose only crime was Japanese ancestry. Make no mistake, FDR is and should be a hero for all progressives in…

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