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Ring a ding ding

If you happen to live in Boston and you’re that kind of obsessive, the Brattle Theater is showing the Lord of the Rings trilogy back to back to back on Sunday, January 2nd and Monday, January 3rd. Starting on the 7th, they’re reviewing some of the best movies of 2004, including Last Life In The Universe on the 7th, Takeshi’s Kitano’s Zatoichi on the 8th, and Goodbye, Dragon Inn on the 11th. Plus a lot of other good stuff. I’ve gotta make it to Before Sunset, myself.

Then on the 21st they’re showing Purple Butterfly, a new Zhang Ziyi movie. And at the end of the month it’s a David Lynch festival. Yeah, I do love Boston.


  1. Ed Ed

    Well, let me say I’m very envious of your upcoming viewing schedule. Where is the film culture in Los Angeles? We have yet to have a single screening of Turning Gate or Goodbye Dragon Inn (two film I’ve heard so much good talk about). And what is Purple Butterfly? Zhang is certainly becoming an international star.

    But what makes me most jealous of all…you get a David Lynch festival? That’s so unfair. All at the Brattle? I miss living in Boston. Please let everyone know how these screenings go! I’m moving back east in 2005!

  2. Purple Butterfly is described as a Hitchcockesque period piece with a nod towards Wong Kar Wai’s period movies. I can’t wait.

    I’m a bit spoiled since I used to live in San Francisco, and man, even after half the theaters out there have shut down I still envy the schedules there. It’s such a wonderful city for movies. But Boston’s treating me right, I gotta admit.

    I’ll certainly post on the screenings, and while I’m at it, welcome back — glad to see you blogging again.

  3. Thanks for the plugs regarding LOTR, Lynch, etc… I hope you enjoy the trilogy marathon next weekend! Have you ever considered becoming a member?

    See you at the movies!

    Brattle Theatre

  4. I keep meaning to (and I bet you hear that a lot…)

    You guys have an absolutely rocking theater and it’s honestly embarassing that I haven’t supported both you and the Coolidge yet. Heck, it’s the new year — good time to fix that. Thanks for the reminder!

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