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For the record

I am firmly dedicated to seeing as many 2004 movies as possible before I crank out a best of list, which means that I won’t be doing mine until mid-January. Maybe late January, since the Brattle has that Zhang Ziyi flick I wanna see. However: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Closer, Life Aquatic, Kinsey, The Incredibles, Gozu, Last Life in the Universe, Zatoichi, Eternal Sunshine, Spider-Man 2, aw crap that’s ten already? This is gonna be tough.


  1. Ed Ed

    Zatoichi in your favorites I see. All the hype confused me, and why is such a big deal made over the riverdance ending?

    I ordered Last Life in the Universe on September 5th and it just arrived yesterday, January 3rd, from Bangkok. Three months after my money was returned on it. Will get around to it sometime this week!

  2. I don’t know why people flipped out about the ending; in my eyes it’s a part of the whole. Kitano uses sound all through the movie in pretty much the same way, to convey the precise vision of the world Zatoichi gets from his hearing. The finale is another way of depicting Zatoichi’s world — full of sound. Or that’s what I thought, anyhow.

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