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Without prejudice

Speaking of Oscar nominations, here’s the stupidest thing I’ve read today:

But here’s an interesting dog that isn’t barking… Michael Moore gets passed over for the big award he coveted… and the lefty bloggers aren’t up in arms. In fact, nobody on the left is talking about Moore today.

I still strongly believe that no blogger is obligated to write about any topic, but I just find it interesting that web personalities who one would think would be big Michael Moore fans are collectively shrugging their shoulders over this. You know a lot of Christian conservatives are grumbling about the three nominations in technical categories for “The Passion of the Christ,” and Kathryn’s already noted this on the Corner.

Other possibilities, which Jim Geraghty seems to be incapable of considering:

  • Much of the left isn’t upset because they don’t think Farenheit 9/11 deserved a nomination, because they don’t automatically assume that movies which advance ideological agendas similar to their own are de facto great movies.
  • As countless people pointed out all year, Michael Moore is not the spokesman for the Left.
  • The Oscars are not controlled by a left-wing conspiracy. (Hard to believe, I know.)
  • Geraghty’s assumptions about who is a big Michael Moore fan are hopelessly flawed.

Less snidely, more seriously… I think it’s really sad that a guy who writes for a fairly important conservative national magazine doesn’t understand the difference between appreciating someone’s ideology and appreciating their artistic talent.


  1. Another point for your analysis:

    Lefty bloggers seem to have longer memories than righty bloggers do – “Fahrenheit 9/11” is far from the first documentary film to draw potential Oscar speculation – just off the top of my head I can recall Ken Burns’s “The Civil War” and “Eyes On The Prize” getting some small buzz of their own. But in every previous case, the Academy has said, firmly and unambiguously, that documentary films have their own category and are not eligible for Best Picture.

    Of course, nobody on the right ever went broke denigrating the intelligence of those on the left…

  2. I made no Oscar predictions, placed no bets, nor rooted for any particular movie, actor, techie, designer, or song to win.

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