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Pretty silver discs: 2/1/2005

So, the legions ask, what should I be looking out for on DVD this week?

Well, the Babe Family Double Feature DVD is out. I’d be a little leery of this, although I liked both the Babe movies — it appears to be one DVD, so picture quality may suffer. Still, a cheap way to get two good movies.

DVD of the week is the Chariots of Fire Special Edition. It’s about time; this was previously only available in a full-screen version. It comes with commentary, screen tests, making of documentaries, deleted scenes, and so on.

I’m not going to buy the Karate Kid Collection, but I’ll sleep better at night knowing it’s out there. This appears to be new pressings — at least, the Karate Kid DVD has a bunch of extras, including a commentary by the director and the stars, which didn’t exist on the old standalone DVD. The other DVDs don’t have any such extras, though. I’d talk about how this set will ride on the coattails of Hillary Swank’s Million Dollar Baby, but I’m laughing too hard. “Sweep the leg!”

Hm, Ray is out. There are a bunch of editions, so choose wisely.

Bill Murray’s serious acting career probably started with Where the Buffalo Roam. Which was his third significant movie, so it’s not like his recent stuff is really a change of pace. He’s such a mensch. Anyhow, this DVD may or may not suffer from the same screwed up soundtrack as the Anchor Bay DVD release. (They didn’t get the rights to the original music and substituted pablum.) We’ll hope not.

Finally, there’s the complete run of some TV series called Wonderfalls that they tell me was good. All I know is that you could go over to the Borders in the Cambridgeside Galleria and buy a copy right now, cause it’s on display a day early.

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