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Of all time

After much internal debate, I’ve finished my top twenty movie list. In order of preference, even. The up-to-date list is here (cool site, by the by) but if you’re too lazy to click through:

  1. Magnolia
  2. Days of Being Wild
  3. Brazil
  4. Casablanca
  5. City of God
  6. Bullet in the Head
  7. Miller’s Crossing
  8. Crash
  9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  10. Ronin
  11. Blue Velvet
  12. Goodfellas
  13. The General
  14. Dead Man
  15. Full Metal Jacket
  16. The Incredibles
  17. Taxi Driver
  18. Peking Opera Blues
  19. Glengarry Glen Ross
  20. The Grifters

Yeah, I like genre movies. Possibly I like guy movies too; be your own judge. Yes, Miller’s Crossing is the best Coen Brothers movie. I don’t know if Days of Being Wild is the best Wong Kar Wai movie, but it’s the best one I’ve seen — I understand that In the Mood for Love may supercede it when I finally see that, though. Crash is the best Cronenberg movie because it’s the best cast he’s ever had, although Videodrome is a very close #2.

There are indeed a lot of movies I haven’t seen.


  1. anonymous anonymous

    I fail to comprehend.

    Where is “Big Trouble in Little China” on that list? WHERE? WHERE?

  2. People keep asking that. Maybe I’ll kick off Taxi Driver.

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