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Various mutations

I’m currently in La Guardia Airport. In the ideal world, I’m in Boston, but that world was shattered sometime this afternoon. No biggie. Most of the annoyance I might otherwise feel is dispelled by the fact that the Fort Lauderdale airport has free wireless Internet. Cool beans for Fort Lauderdale, which has suddenly become my preferred transfer point for any air travel involving Florida but not involving Orlando. (Once in the past seventeen years, counting this trip, but still.)

I am also exceedingly happy to note that Mr. David Cronenberg has achieved funding for Painkillers, which is not his next movie or the movie after that, but rather the movie immediately following that one. The words “plastic surgery as performance art” make me quite cheerful. Remember “gynecological tools for mutant women”?

Oh, OK. A History of Violence (with Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello) is next, and London Fields is the one after that. While researching that, I discovered this interview with Maria Bello, which has my new favorite Cronenberg quote: “David Cronenberg was an incredible leader/father figure.” Right up there with “Cronenberg is to Toronto as John Hughes is to Chicago,” which I should really verify somehow someday. I remember getting it from a valid source but I’ll be damned if I can remember what it was.

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