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Not saying it well, mind you

With the arrival of the Doctor Demento Show Archive, I can now point to show #91-19, from May 12th, 1991. The number one song on the Doctor Demento Funny Five that day was “Give Peaks A Chance,” from DJ Glazed Donut and The Knotted Cherry Stems. “Give Peaks A Chance” was on the Funny Five for four weeks straight, beginning the week after it was played for the first time. It was #12 on the year-end rankings.

This has meaning to me because I’m one of The Knotted Cherry Stems. The song was recorded back when I was living in Iowa City; a bunch of us were serious Twin Peaks fans, and were very unhappy about the show being cancelled. We all joined the Committee for Opposing the Offing of Peaks and made as much noise as we could. I dunno if we helped, but the show did get renewed for another season or so after all, which made us happy. Also, the show sent out Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy), Frank Silva (Killer Bob), and a publicist for a visit. In retrospect I notice that they didn’t send us any of the actual professional actors on the show, but both Harry and Frank were very cool and fun to talk to. I got to drive everyone around a lot.

You can retrieve an MP3 of show #91-19 here; our song starts about 6:15 into the MP3 of the show’s final segment. You’ll need to register to get download access. I’m part of the chorus, plus I also sing “James Hurley on his hog” in the third verse.


  1. ben durrell ben durrell

    that goes on my ipod. thanks for the nugget. if you were less of a man i could use that against you.

  2. Hi, I can’t seem to find the download for your song on the Dr. Demento page – I will try again later. I would LOVE to get it from you somehow, as I’ve never heard it before – I was a Twin Peaks fanatic back in the day. I also made an indeo thriller movie a couple years ago, and convinced Julee Cruise to sing a couple originals for the soundtrack. There’s a single avaible on the net. Can we trade singles?


    Glen Grefe

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